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Established in Detroit's 315th year
speramus meliora sonum

upcoming EVENTS

how sounds are made series

HOW SOUNDS ARE MADE is not a rip-off of the iconic Discovery Channel show "How It's Made"... rather it is a series of discussion-based concerts featuring some of Detroit's brightest minds in contemporary music. Each performance will feature two artists sharing in performance and discussion of their sound -how it's made, the traditions behind it, their conceptions of it- preceded by a short sonic palate-cleanser by DBS Director Zac Bru.

Special thanks to Michigan ArtShare for co-presenting this series, and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs for their support.


how sounds are made ep. 5

July 18, 2019 @ Light Box Performance
8641 Linwood St, Detroit, MI 48206

What do you get when you balance Balance Duo with Koyaanisqatsi (which means "Out of Balance")? You get the 5th How Sounds Are Made, of course! This month we open the show with a preview of DBS's updated (dystopian) rendition of the 1983 film "Koyaanisqatsi" by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass. And to restore order to Light Box and therefore the cosmos, the incomparable Balance Duo, Marcus Elliot and Michael Malis will take the stage with their spellbinding compositions and musical conversations. A program literally built with balance!

how sounds are made ep. 6

August 15, 2019 @ Light Box Performance
8641 Linwood St, Detroit, MI 48206


Zac bru

solo experimental/techno

DBS Director Zac Bru is a classically trained percussionist and pianist whose performances have been described “raw as mating bull elephants” (Lansing City Pulse, 2013). Encompassing styles of classical music old and new, 20th Century experimentalism, Detroit techno, and noise - you’ll never hear the same performance twice.

Zac is known for playing the cactus -a tradition from John Cage- and his blending of musical styles as an improvisor and composer. Recently Zac began performing sonic responses to different works of visual art, recently appearing in response to the “Fieldwork” exhibition by Larry Cressman at K.OSS Contemporary Art Gallery in Detroit.

Recent Appearances

June ‘19: Michigan Science Museum immersive audio-visual performance w/ Science Gallery and Schmidt Ocean Institute

May ‘19: Detroit-Berlin Connection, speaker on a panel with Ingrid LeFleur and Cornelius Harris

August ‘18: solo cactus techno set at Texture & Mutek present @ Marble Bar, Detroit

July ‘18: solo electro-acoustic composition “Rejecting Reality” @ Red Bull Arts Detroit

May ‘18: composition premiere of “Perfect Authentic” for Akropolis Reed Quintet+YAK at Playground, Detroit

March ‘18: composition “Architexture” for amplified percussion quartet premiered at Detroit Institute of Arts