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experimental music is the message and we are the soapbox. Since 2016 DBS has produced unique concert experiences all throughout the motor city. we are home to many projects and love to rep the work of our collaborators. if you ever want to talk about sound, make sure you find our contact page

background: Myles Emmons visuals for YAK's 2017 "Bos Mutus" 


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Established in Detroit's 315th year



upcoming EVENTS


dbs 2 year with special guest audion (aka matthew dear)

Friday March 30, 2018 - Detroit Institute of Arts, Rivera Court
FREE | RSVP on Facebook here

We're turning 2! And making our return to the Rivera Court as part of the DIA's Friday Night Live! series with music that’s minimal, hypnotic, and all made by living composers. Works for percussion quartet by David T. Little, Elliot Cole, Steve Reich, and a world premiere by DBS director Zac Brunell will be delivered on the first half of the program - the second half will feature a live electronic performance from Matthew Dear as Audion.



more upcoming events

April 2nd New Music Detroit SMOKE Party at El Club
April 7th Joo Won Park and Zac Brunell at Otterbein University
May 4th YAK+Akropolis Reed Quintet wsg. Ahya Simone at Playground Detroit
May 5th YAK+Akropolis Reed Quintet at Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor
May 11th YAK at The Syndicate for The New Arts, Cleveland



2018 album: Bardo

In Tibetan Buddhism, Bardo is the state of existence between death and rebirth, varying in length according to a person's conduct in life and manner of death. Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, literally translates to "Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State". 

YAK's 2018 "Bardo" soundtracks a journey between this life and the next. Avant Music News says "Two-thirds of YAK is classically trained, and from a virtuosity point of view, it shows. But Bardo does not sound like any form of music coming from the conservatory. Instead, this trio uses their skills to explore the gray areas between genres in a novel and jarring fashion."


released February 27, 2018
Yuri Popowycz: violin, bass viola da gamba, field recordings // Zac Brunell: cymbals, moog // Jonah Raduns-Silverstein: octatrack, effects, dub // Recorded and mixed by Jonah Raduns-Silverstein at Assemble Sound, Detroit // Mastered by Eddie Logix

Listen to Bardo on Bandcamp / Spotify and all streaming platforms

Big thanks to Steve Stavropoulos for this incredible video for "Deep Valley Genesis"


Photos from The Ottolab
(Karl Otto is our Very Important Photographer in residence)

David Ledoux, cello
Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Zac Brunell, percussion
Detroit Bureau of Sound

Yuri Popowycz, violin
Michigan Opera Theatre

Dennis Nulty, tuba
Detroit Symphony Orchestra


DBS Techno Ensemble

Detroit Bureau of Sound is a 4-piece techno ensemble that pays homage to the great masters of Detroit electronica. Bridging the gap between the concert hall and the warehouse rave with members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Michigan Opera Theatre. A band like none other. Read more...